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URGENT NOTICE: For security reasons we recommend that you change your PC's Administrator/Users , Email, Advising & others Web Applications password regularly. How to Keep your computer 100% Safe and Secure?[ Watch Video 16:05min ]

Who we are

The Campus IT Support team is a highly experienced and dynamic professionals who have an enormous passion for technology. In this fast changing world of technology we ensure that our users are always at one step ahead. We specialize in providing the best and fastest solutions to any computing related problems that you may experience. IT HelpDesk Services can deliver professional and timely support services.

What we do....

  • On-call computer and network support
  • Student Information Management Systems (SIMS)
  • Email & Internet Services
  • IP Telephony & SofPhone Services
  • Wi-Fi Services for Laptop, iPAD & Smart Phones
  • Video Calling service over the LAN
  • Computer Hardware, Repair and Maintenance
  • Data Center Management & Operation
  • In-House Software Development & Official Website maintenance

  • NSU IT HelpDesk Services (Hotline)
  • .

      +88 01784 653322

      (8am to 10pm,Including weekends)

      +88 02 55668200, Ext.1400

      (8am to 10pm,Including weekends)

      eMail to:

      (All ITD members will receive your Comments/Suggestions/complains/opinions regarding the IT Services. ALL suggestions will be taken into consideration)

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    NSU Virtual Private Network (VPN)Services


    Download Video Phone & SoftPhone Software


    Video Clip (How to)


    Suggestions/Questions or Complaint

      We are committed to providing all of our faculty members, students and administrative personnel with the best service we can. If you feel you have received unsatisfactory service or unfair treatment, please mail to us at Your concern will be answered as quickly as possible - within two working days.

    Our Service Pledge

    • We will provide you complete information to meet your needs.
    • We will provide you with useful information that is current and relevant to you.
    • We will respond to your questions using clear language and appropriate information.
    • We will listen and respond to what you say and treat you with respect.

    ISD 24/7 Campus IT Services

    IT Helpdesk Hotline Number

    • +8802 55668200, Ext.:1400
    Utility Service Hotline Number

    • +8802 55668200, Ext.:1200
    NSU Security Service (24/7/365) Hotline Number

    • +8802 55668200, Ext.:1234
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